Concert date changes

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 situation, we have to reschedule some of our concerts for a new date. On this page you can find a list of the concerts concerned with the original and the new date.

The tickets that you already purchased are automatically valid for the new date. If this date is definitely not suitable for you, please send us a letter to the address within 30 days, where we will issue you a voucher with the value corresponding to the ticket price that can be used for any other Budapest Park concerts. You can decide on the use of the voucher in the next 12 months.
If the new date is not suitable for you, but you would support the work of the band and Budapest Park by not redeeming your ticket, please write to! In this case 50-50% will help the band directly and also Park.

In case of further questions, please write to!

ConcertPrevious dateNew dateEvent
Irie Maffia 15.24-04-202022-08-2020Event
Bagossy Brothers Company, guest: Aurevoir25-04-202023-08-2020Event
Tankcsapda I. évtized01-05-202030-04-2021Event
Margaret Island, guest: Konyha02-05-202009-09-2020Event
Paddy And The Rats08-05-202008-10-2020Event
Punnany Massif09-05-202029-08-2020Event
Follow The Flow15-05-202018-08-2020Event
Total Dance Festival Cabrio16-05-202012-06-2021Event
Horváth Tamás 198223-05-202026-09-2020Event
Majka és Curtis29-05-202016-08-2020Event
Majka és Curtis30-05-202017-08-2020Event
Majka és Curtis31-05-202012-09-2020Event
5 Seconds Of Summer, guest: All Time Low04-06-202008-05-2021Event
Krúbi - Ösztönshow05-06-202015-10-2020Event
Pápai Joci12-06-202011-10-2020Event
Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets22-06-202022-06-2021Event
Ganxsta Zolee és a Kartel 25.26-06-202016-10-2020Event
TNT - Egyetlen Show Budapesten27-06-202018-09-2020Event
Jamie Winchester 50. - Félúton02-07-202017-09-2020Event
Magna Cum Laude03-07-202024-09-2020Event
Budapest Bár - 1000. koncert09-07-202023-09-2020Event
30Y - 20 év 100 percben10-07-202010-10-2020Event
I love 2000's11-07-202019-08-2020Event
Tankcsapda II. évtized31-07-202030-07-2021Event
Rúzsa Magdi14-08-202020-09-2020Event
Parádé Remember29-08-202028-08-2021Event
Thomas Anders of Modern Talking12-09-202005-06-2021Event
Tankcsapda III. évtized02-10-202015-10-2021Event