Considering that the Hungarian Government regulates the holding of musical and dance mass events in an extraordinary way due to the epidemiological situation of COVID-19, Kultúrpark Private Limited Liability Company (address: 1095, Budapest, Soroksári út 60., company registration number: 

01-10-140483, hereinafter: “Park”), as the operator of Budapest Park sets out in this document the detailed provisions for the refund of the ticket price in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of the Park (hereinafter: “GTC”, the GTC is available here: The terms in the present Refund Policy and also used in the GTC written with capital initial letter have the same meaning. 

I. Definition of terms

1.1. Budapest Park: a venue for outdoor concerts and other events operated by the Park, located in District 9 of Budapest, an area bounded by Soroksári Road – Jenő Kvassay Road – Kálmán Könyves Boulevard, under the lot number 38034/6.

1.2. Event(s): Concerts and other events organized in Budapest Park by the Park or other event organizer.

1.3. Entry ticket: Entry ticket for Events in Budapest Park. 

1.4. Ticket Buyer: A natural or legal person who buys a ticket to Budapest Park at the on-site ticket office operated by the Park and through an online interface or at the Park's ticket sales partners.

1.5 System: The on-line internet system operated by Park Subcontractor through which the Ticket Buyer can purchase the Ticket for the Event in Budapest Park.

1.6. Voucher: a single-use, multi-purpose payment instrument issued by Budapest Park, which can be used for the purchase of tickets on the website or on the spot at the ticket office.

1.7. Refund: on request through the official customer service channels of Budapest Park - or in case of writing an email, means the amount to be refunded in cash requested through

1.8. Ticket transfer: means the automatic validity of the 2020 Ticket for the corresponding 2021 Event

1.9. Support: Offering a pre-purchased concert ticket in support of Budapest Park (50%) and the given band (50%) instead of choosing Ticket Transfer, Voucher Redemption and Refund.

1.10. Ticket sales surfaces and partners (Ticket Distributors):

1.10.1. Ticket sales surfaces of Kultúrpark Zrt .:

1.10.2. Permanent ticket sales partners in a valid contract with Kultúrpark Zrt., such as: 

Permanent, secure ticket sales partner for e-ticket sales:

Possible ticket sales partners for individual events: 

1.11. Cancelled Event: a missed Event which cannot be replaced in 2021, typically international productions

1.12. Disposition options: Ticket Transfer, Voucher Redemption, Refund and offering Support.

II. General provisions

In case of missing the 2021 Event the Ticket Purchaser or the legal holder of the Ticket at his/her own discretion is entitled to:

2.1. Ticket transfer

2.2. Voucher redemption

2.3. Refund in Cash or with SZÉP card

This Refund Policy does not apply to a 2020 and 2021 Ticket, which was not issued as a result of a ticket purchase transaction pursuant to clause 6 of the GTC, thus, this Refund Policy applies only to Tickets available for public sale (see 1.10.).

The Ticket Buyer or the legal holder of the ticket can dispose in an e-mail about the Ticket for the Events reorganized for a new date in 2020 and 2021. If you choose the Redeem Voucher option, you can convert your tickets into a voucher / request a Voucher within 30 days of announcing the new date of the concert. The default choice is Ticket Transfer.

In the case of Events cancelled in 2020 and 2021 (i.e. will not be held in 2021 or 2022 either), the Ticket Buyer may choose from the disposition options detailed in the following section, the options described in clauses 2.2, 2.3. By choosing the Voucher Redemption option (2.2.), the letter of intent for a request within 30 days does not apply to the Ticket Buyer.

With the Ticket for the 2020 and 2021 concerts, the Voucher may be redeemed, Refunded and the Support can be offered only once in accordance with these Refund Policy. So, after redeeming a previous Ticket as a Voucher, we are not able to re-validate the Ticket for the original concert, but the option to purchase with the Voucher for the new date of the original concert is open as long as tickets are available at Ticket Sales surfaces and at Partners. In the same way, we are not in a position to refund an Admission Ticket that has become a Voucher, except those cases when it was not the Ticket Buyer who disposed about the redemption of the Voucher.

If the 2020 and 2021 Ticket was purchased from a Ticket sales Partner (Ticket Distributor) and he complied with the claim for refund, neither Refund nor Voucher redemption can be requested from the Park. 

In the case of a Voucher / Refund selected instead of the 2020 and 2021 Ticket, the amount credited to the Voucher / Ticket Buyer's bank account is the price of the previously purchased Ticket, which does not include the handling fee.

The Ticket Buyer has the option to select different Disposition Options for each Ticket in connection with the Tickets related to the transaction. In this case, from the tickets included in the transaction, the Ticket Buyer can individually decide on the form sent to him/her, which Ticket or Tickets for which he / she requests a Voucher, Refund or offers Support. However, the value of a Ticket cannot be broken down. 

III. Details of some Disposal options

2.1. Ticket transfer

Ticket Buyer has nothing to do, Tickets will be automatically valid for the new date in 2021. Accordingly, in the event of a Ticket transfer, the legal holder of the 2020 Ticket is entitled to enter and participate in the relevant 2021 Event and to use the 2020 Ticket without any further action.

You can find out about the new dates here:

2.2. Voucher redemption

The Voucher can be requested within 30 days from the announcement of the date of the new concert at: The Vouchers are valid until 31.12.2022, so until that day they can be redeemed for concerts announced by Budapest Park when purchasing the ticket.

Requests for Vouchers are processed on an ongoing basis, as soon as the Voucher is completed, we will inform the claimant by e-mail. After that the ticket bought previously will act as a Voucher. The Voucher can be validated up to the amount of the previously bought Ticket price at any subsequent ticket purchase (by entering the barcode or the number under the QR code on the Park website, or in person at the ticket office by handing over the previous Ticket). 

The conversion of concert tickets into Vouchers is accompanied by the issuance of a minus receipt in our system, which serves as a correction document for the invoice / receipt that can be linked to the purchase of the original concert tickets, i.e. to the previous transaction, i.e. NOT as a cancellation document. Accordingly, a minus receipt does not constitute a refund of the value of previously purchased concert tickets, as there would be no cover for the value of the Voucher.

There are financial reasons for issuing a minus (corrective) receipt, so that the conversion of tickets into a Voucher can be done in a traceable and financially sound manner in our system. As the Voucher is a 'multi-purpose product', it is subject to a different tax rate, tax rule than the previously purchased Tickets that is why the issuing of a corrective receipt is needed. 

The handling fee will not be indicated on the corrective receipt, because we will not charge a handling fee again when using the Voucher.

Instructions for using the Vouchers are included in the information e-mail sent by the Park about the completion of the Vouchers, which the Ticket Buyer will receive at the e-mail address provided in the previous purchase, in addition information is available at in the paragraph titled as “process of redeeming vouchers” on the Park's website.

2.3. Refund in Cash or with SZÉP card 

In the case of concerts rescheduled to a new date in 2020 and 2021, the Park will examine the refund requests, which will be processed on the basis of the letters received at the e-mail address In the event of a legitimate claim for a refund, the Park's rules of procedure come into force sending the form for verification and validation of the data to the claimant for completion. Its complete and correct completion is an essential condition for the success of the Refund.

Refund claims are being processed continuously, the amount of the purchase will be credited by the bank to the bank account / SZÉP Card belonging to the bank card used at the time of purchase. Initiation of the Refund by the Park will be preceded by verification of the data. As soon as the Refund is initiated from the Park side too, the Park will send a cancellation receipt to the e-mail address used for the purchase, and at the same time the Tickets will be invalidated. The Refund will start from our system at the same time as sending the cancellation receipt, thereafter, depending on the bank, the amount should appear on the claimant’s account within approximately 2-10 business days. The time required to complete the credit varies from bank to bank, this is not affected by the Park any delay in crediting is not the responsibility of the Park.

In the case of a Ticket purchased from a ticket sales partner, and if Kultúrpark Zrt. is the event organizer related to the ticket in question, the process detailed above takes place with the difference that after the requests have been collected and the data has been successfully processed, they will be handed over to the Ticket sales Partner. The Ticket sales Partner will perform the necessary refund arrangements in accordance with its own work schedule and timing. This time may vary depending on both the Ticket sales Partner's work schedule and the uniqueness of the needs, over which the Park has no influence and is not responsible for it.

If Kultúrpark Zrt. is not the organizer of the event, Budapest Park will only provide the venue, the Refund process is the same as in the “Ticket Purchased at a Ticket sales Partner” section above. The Ticket always contains the name of the organizer of the event.

Unlike the ones described in the previous paragraph, the exceptions are the events organized by Karl Media Group Kft. In this case, the Park will examine the refund request based on the mail received to the email address. In the event of a legitimate refund request, the Park's policy will take effect, according to which the form required for verification and validation of the data will be sent to the claimant for completion. Completing it in full and correctly is an essential condition for the success of the Refund. After that the Organizer of the Event takes the necessary steps in connection with the refund according to his own work schedule and schedule. Thereafter, the Event Organizer will perform the necessary actions regarding the refund in accordance with its own work schedule and schedule. This time may vary depending on both the work schedule of the Event Organizer and the uniqueness of the needs, over which the Park has no influence and is not responsible for it.

Refunds will be settled no later than one year after the submission of the claim, in the case of a complete refund form and validated data.

If the refund form successfully submitted by the Ticket Buyer to our system contains incorrect and / or incomplete data the Refund Claimer can verify it by checking the confirmation e-mail sent from our system, then he/she can correct the incorrect information by filling out a new form and submitting it successfully. 

If the claimant corrects his claim for a refund, after which the Park will be able to identify the real ticket (s) and / or transaction (s), the request will be met. If the claimant does not specify the claim, then the claim is closed without any outcome, the Park has no further liability.

If an OTP SZÉP Card, MKB SZÉP Card, K&H SZÉP Card were used to purchase the 2020 and 2021 Ticket, the amount actually payable will be credited to the SZÉP Card.

In the case of cancelled Events, the application process will not change. In this case, too, the refund can only take place if the claim is received, processed and successfully identified.

If the Ticket Buyer and the owner of the bank account affected by the credit are different persons, these persons have the sole obligation to settle with each other. The Park's liability in this regard is excluded. If the 2020 Ticket was sold through a Ticket sales Partner, the terms and conditions of the refund will be governed by the Ticket sales Partner Terms and Conditions. Such e-mail requests received by the Park will be forwarded to the Ticket sales Partner’s e-mail address. However, if the amount to be paid has been credited to the Ticket sales Partner's bank account, the Ticket sales Partner has the sole obligation to settle with the eligible person. The Park's liability in this regard is excluded.

IV. Additional provisions

4.1. Club concerts

Budapest Park held its Events in 2020 in accordance with the current legislation. Accordingly, the Club Concerts were held with less than 500 participants. Those Ticket Buyers were able to register for the Club Concerts primarily, who had chosen not to select the 2.2, 2.3. options, but they use their existing “big concert” Admission Ticket when entering the Club Concert, for the production of the same band or performer. 

Participation at the Club Concert also meant the disposal about the use of the Ticket.

Ticket Buyers who have a Terrace Ticket and attended a Club Concert are entitled to compensation for the price difference. The method of refund of the difference is the subject of a separate provision. The Ticket owner may choose from the options indicated in points 2.2, 2.3. The Park continuously processes the requests received at the e-mail address or in one case (Caramel on 03/09/2020) on the online form and, if eligible, initiates reimbursement of the claim, of which it informs the claimant by e-mail.

Valid from: 20/11/2020

Modified: 11/10/2021