It is very important for us to burden our environment as little as possible with our operation, which is why we are introducing reusable cups instead of disposable plastic glasses. In addition, our reusable cups are made in Hungary, so CO2 emissions from transportation are lower, and we support the domestic labor market.

Plus, we’re not making any reusable cups - we’ve designed three types for you that you can look at home to recall your wildest concert experiences and think back to the evening when you left the reality behind with us. In addition, you can use our reusable cups in the Cuprevolution system at many other nightclubs. It works like this:

  1. The first time you order a drink, there will be a one-time fee (300 HUF).
  2. You can then change your cup for a clean glass at any of our counters at any time, and at the end of the evening - if you don’t want to keep it - you’ll get a Cuprevolution token in return at any of our counters. Unlike the 2021 procedure, from 2022 we will not accept a Cup Revolution token.
  3. Keep the token, because next time you’ll get a reusable cup for again free of charge at Budapest Park! But not only can you use it here, many other restaurants and venues have already joined the Cuprevolution System, so there you also get a reusable cup in exchange for the token. You can find a list of these places here.

Our reusable cups do not break, so they can be used safely at the wildest parties, but we would like to draw your attention to the fact that we cannot replace a damaged cup that is not suitable for further use, and we cannot take responsibility if you lose it.

We also accept Cuprevolution glasses sold in other places, but according to the legislation of ÁNTSZ we cannot pour you a drink in them, instead you will get a Park reusable cup.

Thank you for joining us to help our environment!