Budapest Park – hereinafter referred to as Park
Featured venue ticket buyer - hereinafter referred to as Visitor


On program days from pm 06:00 to am 05.00.

Opening hours may vary depending on the weather and the program.
Everyone can visit the Park at their own risk and by entering the Park, the Visitor accepts the general policy of the Park:

By entering the featured venue, the Visitor also accepts the additional policy of the Park. Featured venues are as follows:

We reserve the right to change the program! Concerts and other events are held in case of adverse weather conditions too as a general rule.

The dates indicated on the ticket and on the website are for informational purposes only, the date and duration of the concerts and other subsequent events may change compared to the announced one.


Featured venue ticket: it is valid from the opening of the gate until 1:00 the next day for the given / purchased featured venue, the terrace under the venue and the arena.

From 1:00 until closing, the ticket is valid in accordance with the regulations of the given day and / or according to the policy.

The closing time of the featured venue may vary depending on the weather and the program.

Visitor agrees that the closing time of the venue will be determined by the Park's operational management together with the security service. On this basis, the Visitor(s) is (are) obliged to leave the venue at the request of the security service.

With a valid featured venue ticket, after the concert, the afterparty organized in the Retro Garden, the Jungle venue and the Large Dance Floor can be visited free of charge.

Tickets entitle you to a one-time entry.

It is not allowed to bring into the Park drinks and food purchased at the counters outside the Park's central event venue; and beverages and food not purchased in the Park area.

If the Visitor chooses to be admitted to the featured venue on the basis of the guest list, he/she is obliged to send the guest list to the e-mail address at least three days prior to the given event.

It is mandatory to indicate a competent host and the associated telephone number on the guest list. The designated host shall have exclusive control over the list on the day of the event or, if necessary, shall be entitled to take action in person.

Only and exclusively Visitors on the guest list and / or wearing a valid armband may stay at the venue, in the number of people corresponding to the maximum capacity of the venue.

For featured venues, a basic number limit applies as follows:

For the featured venues the maximum number of people limit is as follows:

In addition to the basic number of people, each additional Visitor must purchase an additional ticket. The Park provides entering possibility up to the maximum number of people limit, regardless of whether the Visitors are actually in the area of the featured venue or the Visitors have left the area of the given featured venue.

Data management information concerning guest lists

The Visitor acknowledges that no separate contract will be concluded.

By purchasing tickets and entering the featured venue, the Visitor acknowledges that he/she is obliged to behave in accordance with the applicable legal regulations, the GTC and the general and supplementary policy in compliance with the general norms.


The Visitor is obliged to behave in the Park in accordance with the general norms, in accordance with the relevant legal regulations, the GTC and the general and supplementary policy. Anyone who endangers the life, physical integrity, property rights of other persons, the integrity of the Park's assets or the natural environment can be removed from the Park.

So especially:


If the Visitor needs to order additional food and / or drinks in addition to the prepared in basic food of the given featured venue, the order must be finalized at least two working days before the event through the online interface provided for this purpose, after consultation with the Park contact person.


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We will investigate any complaints that may arise, please let us know in writing to the email address in order to carry out the investigation of the complaint smoothly.

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