Voucher regulations

Voucher: a single-use, multi-purpose payment instrument issued by Budapest Park, which can be used for the purchase of tickets on the www.budapestpark.hu website or on the spot at the ticket office.

1. Mandatory content elements of the voucher:

2. Issuance of the voucher:

2.1. The voucher is an electronically generated document.

2.2. The voucher does not qualify as money or securities.

2.3. Forgery of a voucher is a criminal offense.

2.4. The purchase price of the voucher may not differ from the issue value of the voucher. When purchasing a voucher, we charge a handling fee in addition to the voucher purchase price. We provide more information on the amount of the handling fee on the website. 

2.5. By purchasing the voucher or obtaining it in any way, the buyer is obliged to accept the voucher regulations for the issuance of the voucher in force at any time.

2.6. The loss or destruction of the voucher does not entitle you to request a replacement   voucher or to reclaim the purchase price.

3. Vouchers can be purchased as follows:



4. Use of the voucher:

4.1. The use of the voucher is subject to the deadline indicated on the voucher (period of use). The voucher can be redeemed until the deadline indicated on the voucher during the ticket purchase of the concerts announced by Budapest Park. We will not be able to redeem the value of the voucher after the period of use.

4.2. The voucher can be redeemed from the date of purchase until the end of the following calendar year. An exception is vouchers purchased in 2020, which can be redeemed until December 31, 2022.

4.3. The owner of the voucher is entitled to purchase tickets for the concerts announced by Budapest Park during the period of use at the issue value by redeeming the voucher. The voucher can only be used on the websites www.budapestpark.hu/utalvany and www.budapestpark.hu/voucher as well as at our ticket offices. In case of redemption on the website, it is necessary to enter the serial number on the voucher in the appropriate place (If you have a voucher, you can redeem it here), in case of redemption at the ticket office, the voucher can be used by handing it over / presenting it. Redemption of the voucher will only be considered redeemed after confirmation of a successful payment. If you have any problems with this, please let us know at the e-mail address: jegy@budapestpark.hu!

4.4. The owner of the voucher shall be deemed to be who is in possession of the voucher. The issuer is not entitled to investigate the ownership of the voucher. The voucher is freely transferable but cannot be placed on the market. 

4.5. The validation of the voucher is realized by adding the information proving the validity (date of issue, date of validity, etc.) to the voucher at the time of sale.

4.6. The use of the voucher is realized by the customer redeeming the voucher to pay for the service and handing it over to the place of use.

4.7. Use of the service is otherwise subject to the same rules such as when buying with money or using a service.

4.8. In case of using a service with a value lower than the issue value of the voucher, the difference between the value and the issue value cannot be refunded to the buyer, this amount will be lost. Vouchers that are not used cannot be redeemed.

4.9. If the value of the purchase exceeds the value of the voucher, it can be settled with other available means of payment or even another voucher.

4.10. As Budapest Park only issues multi-purpose vouchers, no invoice will be created upon purchase. Upon use, the voucher becomes invalid and an invoice is issued for the full amount of the service. The voucher is considered as a means of payment.

4.11. The purchased voucher cannot be redeemed.

4.12. When using the Voucher, we do not charge a handling fee again.

If you have any questions, please, write to us at: jegy@budapestpark.hu

Kultúrpark Zrt. reserves the right to amend the voucher regulations and publishes the current conditions on its website.

By purchasing the Budapest Park voucher, the visitor accepts the general terms and conditions (GTC) and the house rules in addition to the voucher regulations. The GTC can be found at https://www.budapestpark.hu/en/pages/policy, the house rules at https://www.budapestpark.hu/en/pages/conditions

Valid from: 20/11/2020

Modified on: 11/10/2021