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  • TELT HÁZ! Kispál és a Borz
    12 May 2023
    Kispál és a Borz - Budapest Park
    TELT HÁZ! Kispál és a Borz2023-ban csak a Budapest ParkbanFriday, 12 May  2023 Gate opening  17:00  Concert
  • Az utolsó Ricsárdgír koncert - Goodbye Koala
    18 May 2023
    RICSÁRDGÍR - Budapest Park
    Az utolsó Ricsárdgír koncert - Goodbye KoalaThursday, 18 May  2023 Gate opening  18:00  Concert
  • Total Dance Festival - Cabrio
    10 June 2023
    Total Dance Festival - Cabrio - Budapest Park
    Total Dance Festival - CabrioSaturday, 10 June  2023 Gate opening  18:00  Concert
  • Pentatonix
    22 May 2023
    PENTATONIX - Budapest Park
    PentatonixPapp László Budapest SportarénaMonday, 22 May  2023 Gate opening  18:00  Concert
  • Scooter
    3 June 2023
    SCOOTER - Budapest Park
    ScooterSaturday, 3 June  2023 Gate opening  18:00  Concert



Full program booklet

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We have shaped in our dreams the newest collection of the Budapest Park together with the GreatMinds’ team, so you can leave reality behind in cooler than cooler t-shirts, pullovers and accessories. Find the stuff on the website of GreatMinds and soon at the concerts!


On August 12, the joint live radio program of Beat Radio and Budapest Park called Parkoló is starting! For a month, from Monday to Saturday, from 4 pm to 6 pm put on the VIP bracelet of Beat and join us behind the scenes and listen to your favorite artist and other professionals from the music industry. Interviews, exclusive contents, backstage infos in live and the coolest songs of course. Get ready for the concerts with the Beat x Park team!


It's always summer at Budapest Park! Let's have a party over the Indian summer in the open air and leave reality behind on several days of the week! Four dance floors, plenty of themed parties, and even more unforgettable moments at the city’s largest outdoor nightclub!