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Get dressed Park style

We have shaped in our dreams the newest collection of the Budapest Park together with the GreatMinds’ team, so you can rampage through the finest five months of the year in cooler than cooler t-shirts, pullovers and accessories. Find the stuff on concert days at the Park Shop nt he left side of the main entrance! # kingdom # I love


At the newest party venue of the Budapest Park the atmosphere is so stuffy, as in a tropical rain forest, and it bears so much roar that would compete with a group of tigers; come into the Jungle, unleash your inherent wildness, and enjoy the pulsating power of underground parties under the open sky.


The first sunday of every month makes the Park transform into a thing we call Pöttömkert. This is the time when children arrive, they run for The Hill and immense fun begin. If you are a parent, let us worry for a few hours, we'll know what to play today, you just smile. And breathe.


Warning! Concert date changes! For further information, please click here!