On Program Days from 18:00 pm to 05:00 am, on the first Sunday of every month from 09:30 am to 15:00 pm. Any opening hour which may differ from this will be shown on our website ( Opening hours may vary depending on weather and program.

Everyone can visit the park only at his/her own responsibility.

We reserve the right to change the program! Concerts and other events will also be held in case of bad weather.

The time indicated on the ticket and on the website are for information purposes only, the duration of the concerts and subsequent events may vary compared to the announced ones.


  1. The Park has the right to request a different entry fee for the various programs, and keep certain places closed at its discretion, or in case of private events, limit entry to them.



From gate opening till its closing, it is valid for all areas of the Park, the price depends on the program!


With your valid concert ticket the afterparty is for free.


Its price varies by program, is valid from the end of the given day's concert to the closing.


Concert and party tickets cannot be transferred to a third party and cannot be sold, except through the contracted partner of Park ( Party and concert tickets can only be purchased at the web shop on the Park Website, at the Park ticket office or at the contract partners of the Park (

  1. You may enter the area of the Park and leave it only through the entrances guarded by the organizers. The Park uses personal and property protection service as included in Act CXXXIII of the year 2005. Prior to entry, or in the entire area of the Park, the organizers or the security service may check the guests' clothing and luggage Pursuant to Section 26 of Act CXXXIII.

The security service may refuse the bringing in of prohibited objects or entry. The security service is authorized to remove specified persons or to prevent entry.

That person can be prevented from entering the area of the Park:

The person who has not been allowed to enter the Park or has been removed from it because of the above cannot claim the entrance fee back.

  1. Guests under the age of 18 can only be admitted with parental accompaniment! For those under the age of 10, entry to the concerts is free, possible only with parental supervision. After 22:00 pm, only people over 18 are allowed to stay in the Park.
  2. It is not allowed to bring in the Park such objects – and they must be removed from there - the possession of which are illegal, or otherwise posing a threat to the safety of persons in the Park area.
  3. Dogs and other pets, animals, cannot be brought to the Park area except for the legally defined help dogs.
  4. It is forbidden to bring bicycles in the guest space of the Park. Our guests arriving by bicycle can leave their bikes in the Park’s guarded bicycle storage on the left of the main entrance, monitored by camera for 0 to 24 hours, for a fee.
  5. Travel or sports bag, laptop bag, backpack, nylon bag only smaller than the size of 40x30x20 cm can be brought into the Park. Packs above this size and umbrellas are not only prohibited inside the Park, but guests must not have these items on them either at the security check. If it is unavoidable to arrive with such a pack, it must be placed at an extra cost of HUF 300 for each pack in an external locker with a limited space at the entrance.
  6. It is not allowed to bring into the Park drinks, foodstuffs purchased at the counters outside of the central event venue of the Park; drinks, foodstuffs not bought in the area of the Park; tools suitable for making graffiti, paint spray and markers.


  1. The Visitor in the Park is obliged to behave in compliance with the general legal norms, in accordance with the GTC and the policy.

That person can be removed from the Park, who:

The person who has not been allowed to enter the Park or has been removed from it because of the above cannot claim the entrance fee back.

  1. People under the age of 18 cannot buy alcoholic beverages. During the service at the counters, guests can be called upon proof of their age with a credible document.
  2. In the whole area of the Park it is FORBIDDEN to make sound and video recording, including, in particular, any recording of the performance of the performers infringing their copyright.

The guest is entitled to take a photo at the event by making it solely for use with a personal telecommunication device (such as a mobile phone, tablet), integrated image and voice recorder or non-professional photo equipment, and the image and sound recorded by him/her may not be sold and cannot be exploited for consideration, or cannot be exploited for commercial purposes without consideration either, the guests on the recordings cannot be named without their consent, their personality rights must not be violated. The Park explicitly excludes liability in the event of other guests being in violation of the above. In the context of the taking and managing of photographs, the observance of the legal provisions protecting the person or the protection of personal data is the responsibility of persons taking and managing said photos.

  1. By entering the Park the guest acknowledges that sound and image recording can be made by the Park, as well as contracted partners of the Park, contributors, press staff (according to the provisions of the special contract for them), other visitors or other third parties. Accordingly, by participating in events, the guest expressly contributes to the recording and mediation of his face, appearance and manifestations, with the stipulation that he/she can be named only with his/her express consent. If the guest is considered a public actor he/she can be named without his/her consent too. Concerning the said pictures the person who has taken them about the guest obtains exclusive and transferable use rights unlimited in space and time and in mode of use. The Park, as well as the persons authorized by the Park are entitled to use the pictures of the guest without any restriction (in particular, to promote the events) for reproduction, publication, remake, release, transmission and distribution to the public, without the obligation of giving the guest any remuneration in any way. The guest also acknowledges that the Park records the events, concerts and programs, the recorded recording is multiplied and distributed on an image carrier, broadcasted or otherwise transmitted to the audience, re-broadcasted or otherwise conveyed to the public, including when events, concerts, programs are made publicly available by wire or any other means or methods (such as through YouTube) to allow members of the public to individually choose the location and time of their access. With respect to the above display, the guest is not entitled to have any claim or demand against the Park.


  1. If any event must be cancelled for reasons outside of the control of the Park due to vis major situation (the concert cannot be started or must be stopped at any phase of the performance) the Park may not be required to reimburse the ticket price or to pay compensation or any other payment. Such events may be, but are not limited to, mandatory evacuation ordered by the authorities; extreme weather conditions endangering life, physical safety or safety of property; bomb alert; a criminal offence committed by a third party that threatens the life, physical safety or safety of property of the participants.
  2. The concert area of the Park is covered by wooden floor. Weather conditions can cause cracks in the floor and there may be a risk of tripping, which is why it is not recommended to enter the wooden floor in high-heeled shoes! We advise guests to mind the gaps in the floor. If in spite of the above warning guests should trip or fall due to careless behaviour, especially under the influence of alcohol, the organizers cannot be held responsible for any such accidents and the consequences thereof.
  3. In the Park area several non-Park Third parties provide service (e.g. food and drink services). For these services, the Park does not take any responsibility.
  4. In the merchandising shop located in the park, telephone charging cabinets were installed. The Park does not take responsibility for phones placed into the phone charging cabinets.
  5. “Body surfing” (when the audience carries a fan above the heads of the waving crowd toward the stage) is forbidden in the Park area for the safety of our guests. Should you attempt body surfing, you will be escorted by the organizers to the perimeter of the location. If the incident is repeated, you will be asked to leave the Park!
  6. Should you experience any irregularity or see an abandoned pack, please immediately report it to the security personnel or the Park staff! Take care of your personal belongings and use the locker room if necessary!
  7. The Park is not liable for lost items. If the floor cover of Budapest Park must the lifted in order to find the missing item, we are only able to comply with the request if the owner of the item agrees to pay the repair costs. We take no responsibility for the valuables left unattended in the Park or for the valuables held by our guests! The organizers are not responsible for any damages that may arise in people or material values!
  8. In case of emergency, guests should follow the instructions of the security staff and leave the Park in a calm manner through the nearest emergency exit!

In-Kal Security Events Kft. is responsible for the safety of the guests of the Park.

By purchasing the entry ticket and entering the Park, our guests implicitly agree to our policies.


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