4 éves a Lithium Night + Piknik Park live

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DEMJÉN FERENC - Budapest Park
Gate opening


LITHIUM NIGHT - Budapest Park
28.June2019Friday 19:00
28.June2019Friday 22:00
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Important informations

Under the age of 18 this concert is to be visited with parental control only, under the age of 10 the event is free

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Nincs is mit hozzáfűzni, 4 évesek lettünk.
Jöhet a nagy szülinapi buli szabad ég alatt a Budapest Park 

A Lithium Night 4. születésnapi bulija előtt a Piknik Park - Linkin Park tribute fog zenélni, ami tökéletes bemelegítése lesz az estének.

19:00 Kapunyitás
20:10 Piknik Park 
22:00 Lithium Night

L i t h i u m n i g h t : Zeneileg most is "csak" magunkat adjuk és még pár jó számot:
Linkin Park / Nirvana / Limp Bizkit / Green Day / Fall Out Boy / 
Blink-182 / Offspring / Red Hot Chili Peppers / Sum 41 / System Of A 
Down / Good Charlotte / My Chemical Romance / Panic! At The Disco / Papa 
Roach / Rise Against / Hollywood Undead / Architects / Billy Talent / 
Slipknot / Bring Me The Horizon / Rage Against The Machine / Avenged 
Sevenfold / A Day To Remember / etc.

A felsorolt előadók a nagy kedvenceink - mindegyiktől min 2-3 szám tuti 
lesz az este folyamán, de inkább több.
Azért persze számkérés jöhet most is itt az eventben - hisz kb dupla 
annyi időt tudunk játszani, mint máskor.

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With the terrace ticket you’re entitled to enter the venue through the VIP entrance. From the terraces you can enjoy the concerts and afterparties with an exclusive view and every sector has it’s own separate bars and restrooms. Seating is NOT guaranteed by purchasing a terrace ticket. Seats are available in a limited number, and can be taken on a first come first served basis. You have to collect your wristband with your voucher at the main ticket office to be able to enter. With the wristband you can also enter the floor standing area.


The first 500 arrival who enters Park will get a free welcome shot as well as an unforgettable night so it’s worth to arrive on time!

After 10 pm your party ticket is valid for the whole venue of Budapest Park – so you can visit 3 different dancefloor for the price of one ticket.

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Ticket information:

  • We can only take responsibility for tickets bought at Budapest Park or from our official ticketing partners (tixa.hu, Ticketportal, Simple mobil app)
  • Don’t publish your ticket on any online platforms!
  • If you buy your ticket on budapestpark.hu, you don’t have to print it out. You just have to show your ticket (QR code or bar code) on your mobile phone to enter the venue.

Age limit:

After 22:00 only people above the age limit of 18 years can be present in the area.

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